Working at Funny Place

It is very common to hear joke of being model at Trubus magazine. Trubus is the oldest agriculture magazine which only features agricultural stuffs. It is quite funny as you have to bring fruits, vegetables, pots of plant, or even pets to be model of Trubus.

People often asked me where I work. And when I said Trubus, I was always curious how they would react.

You may laugh at me. Tapi hidup memang sebercanda itu.

In this life which is unknown for how long, I wanted to do things I like, yet challenging, and am passionate about.

Sometimes I laughed remembering where I am now. Working as content writer previously in startup of livestock has changed my entire life. They made me assured to keep walking on this track. Though it won’t be smooth everytime, I believe something sweet waits for me ahead. Now they let me to take another jump as journalist.

Wish me luck!


Ratusan Kilometer

Manusia mengeluh sebab terpisah ratusan kilometer, terpisah daratan, terpisah benua.

Mereka bilang, tak apa jarak membentang asal hati tetap lapang.

Pada akhirnya mereka sadar. Jarak bukanlah tentang kilometer yang membentang, melainkan saat hati sudah tak lagi mengenang.

Penulis Favorit

Kalau aku sedang kangen, obatnya gampang sekali.

Hanya perlu baca tulisanmu, maka redalah rindu.

Yang aku takutkan, bukan perpisahan melainkan kamu berhenti menulis.

Sebab, lewat tulisanmu aku bisa melihat rupa sekaligus membayangkan apa yang sedang kamu pikirkan.

Dear Penulis Favorit, tetaplah menulis ya! Tak apa meskipun itu bukan untukku, aku tetap membacanya.

PS. Sekarang lagi kangen Andrea, jadinya baca sirkus pohon. Sekangen itu sama Andrea, baru beberapa lembar saja berasa lagi ngobrol sama doi di kafe sambil ngeteh wkw.



How to Love Our Self

This post’s gonna be brief and based on my personal experience. Hopefully it may give some insights.

As an introvert, the biggest battle in this life is against my own self. I want to express my feeling toward others, yet I over think what others might think of me after I did it.

At the end, I will end up by blaming my self even for the things which only exist in my mind. Here are small steps I took to have better understanding of my self.

  • Think of best and worst things we have done
  • Ask our self why it is best or worst
  • Save pride and forgive mistakes
  • Listen more to others
  • Share truly opinion, although it is bitter
  • Always be thankful

Back then, I tried this since 6 months ago. I did feel the change in me: everything seems easier and lighter. I believe it is also because I involved Him in every single second I walked through.

I knew this will be only some classical boring words to you. But, if you have done through those deep and dark times, you’ll be able to see it clearly.

Good luck!



Fenomena Cashless Transaction (GoPay, GrabPay, OVO)

Tadi siang baru saja mampir ke McD gegara ingat kalau tadi pas berangkat belum sempat masak nasi. Sampai di pelataran McD, ada banner besar isinya promo bayar dengan GoPay dapat cashback 50%. Wuihh. Boleh juga nih dicoba.